Music and the universe

Music is like the air that we breathe.

It’s always there and would be really fucked up if it disappeared.

We all have those days when everything sucks and the correct soundtrack comes to the rescue.

It can be heavy metal, classical music, pop, indie…

And the day improves magically.

Here I am, listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and life is great right now.

But also, it goes deeper than that.

Music is harmony, a lot of melodies coming together to make something greater.

It has a pace, different frequencies, and no less important; silences.

It has to do with the way our universe works, and I’m not talking about magic, but about the beauty in apparent chaos.

You can find music everywhere if you know where to look.

The changing society in times of crisis

Sometimes life leads you through a different path than the one you originally planned for you.

It’s like starting a whole new self, another way to see things that for you once were impossible to change. And suddenly, they do.

But in fact nothing has changed, only you, and your views.

This decade’s economic crisis has shown us that what our fathers thought about life has no use anymore.

First we got 2008’s economic crisis, and, just when things were going better again, came Covid-19. This has affected our generation.

We won’t have the same 9 to 5 jobs they did, we won’t have that “financial stability”. And it’s okay. It is known that these times are difficult times.

But difficult times create strong individuals, and those individuals are the ones who will end shaping the new world.

And while it might look scary, this is our chance to adapt, to do whatever we want, fearless, untied to any past preconceptions of what life is. Because that past is dead, and dead things don’t come back —with the exception, of 80s aesthetics.

Now it’s our chance to live a fulfilling life, doing what we feel like doing, travelling, learning forever, daring to be ourselves, and finding happiness in simple things as having a beer with friends.

To be whatever the fuck we want to be.