Of cliffs and Mobile phones

I’m going to write a short piece, to fill time and to test the quality of mobile phone posting.

And I’m going to talk about our beliefs.

Our beliefs are cool when it comes to our inner world, they are part of our moral system and our values. But outside of that, they are useless.

Let’s say that we want to believe that we are the smartest guy in the entire world. That’s good for our self-esteem and might shape our habits, maybe it can make us read more.

But outside our perception, we might be perfect idiots, and that’s what the ultimate truth will be.

Okay, it’s not the best example, intelligence might be relative to the observer.

Let’s try something different.

In your inner world, you might believe that falling from a cliff can’t kill you. Then you can read lots of books about how falling from a cliff can’t kill you, and you can even make a lot of people believe that falling from a cliff can’t kill you.

But then, one day you will fall from a cliff and you will be dead.

What did your beliefs for you then?

They just made you think that you were special and to live under a certain set of rules.

Apply this to every belief, even gravity.

Random picture of a cliff

And that’s all for today kids.

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