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Life is too short to not do what you want

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All of us do fantasize about leaving everything and changing our lives forever.

Then, after a couple of hours, we turn on the PlayStation, the TV, or whatever and forget about it until maybe some days later, when we’ll turn on the PlayStation, the TV, or whatever.

That’s the perfect way to waste our own lives, always desiring something, but never willing to change for it.

In this article, I’m not going to tell you the secret to become rich, or happy.

I’ll be happy just helping you to change that something you’d like to change.

It works like this:

If you want to have some muscles, or simply stay fit, you must exercise and start eating well. Stuffing your mouth with chocolate while imagining the output of a healthy lifestyle will only make you feel miserable.

The same is for everything else. Nobody is born with any ability, some have the potential, but without training, it will stay at nothing.

Some years ago I decided to learn to play the guitar because I REALLY wanted to play the guitar. I had been fantasizing about it since I was a kid. So one day I decided to make a band with some friends and start playing.

Of course, we sucked big time, and I was probably the worst of us.

Motivation helped me through the first months, but what really helped me when motivation failed was my commitment to play the guitar.

You see, this is something like romantic relationships: During the first months everything is wonderful and easy, you’re full of emotions and you don’t notice all the things that are actually wrong or would need improvement.

And then that chemical cocktail fails (it must, if it didn’t we would literally die), and you start noticing things that aren’t that okay. Like farts under the sheets.

In my case was my complete inability to keep my tempo straight.

And then I had to decide.

Was it worth all of that time that I could be spending on playing video games, watching series or doing anything that would mean an instant reward to me?

I decided it was, in the long run, I would learn an ability that would last a lifetime.

That’s what you must think if you want to achieve something.

Instant rewards might feel okay while they last, but will leave you with an emptiness feeling, the notion of having wasted your most valuable asset, your lifetime.

But long term projects are a motivation to keep going, to keep improving every day, and will leave you with more rewarding feelings. You will feel realized.

1. Get Motivated

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Find what really makes you happy, you already know what it is, Probably it’s that “childish dream” you’ve had all of your life in your head, that thing that your whole family told you to forget about because it won’t make you any money.

Except being a dinosaur, unless you can actually develop some experimental procedure to become one, then please, go for it. Not for the money, but for the joy of doing it.

2. Don’t Give a S*** About What Others Think

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I know, change is scary, there’re many things that could fail, many things that could go wrong.

Also, we don’t want to fail, because we believe that we’ll look bad into other’s eyes, we don’t want our tiny egos to get hurt.

And that makes us want to delay it, so we start making excuses like “it’s not the right time”, “I’m too busy right now”.

Do you know what?

Screw them. No one actually cares about what you do, they’re quite busy with their lives. And if they don’t it’s more their problem than yours.

Think about it

Nobody has any reason to judge you (unless you hurt somebody or something), and if they do, why do you care?

There’s a not well-known fact, and it is that judgemental people project their own defects onto others. It’s part of what’s called Psychological Projection.

People will be judgemental or not, but it’s not onto you to decide for them, also, who wants to fit in a group of grey people?

Only grey people and those are the ones who will never do anything, nor will let others do it.

3. Keep Moving

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Have you ever pushed a heavy weight? Your car maybe?

It’s more difficult at the beginning, as you have to overcome the friction against the ground and the gravity force, but when you finally set some movement inertia makes it easier.

That’s the same thing you need if you want to achieve something.

Trust me, getting up from the couch will be the most difficult thing that you’ll have to do, after that, your muscles will be warm and your mind sharp, so any kind of chore you want to do will be easier.

And day after day you will improve, developing a new ability, growing some muscles, starting a new venture, or just gaining confidence to talk to girls is something that will improve with practice.

And if any time you feel like giving up remember:

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Life is too short to not do what you want.

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