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Imagination Is Not for the Poor

A bitter rant about how society marks our future.

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“Reason is intelligence taking exercise. Imagination is intelligence with an erection.”

― Victor Hugo

My imagination has been extremely vivid since I was very little, I used to daydream a lot and that gave me the quality of being a thinker.

That sparked a huge curiosity on me, and I would talk and talk about everything that came into my attention. It felt somewhat like a superpower, as I was the only one in my family with it. With that superpower, I wrote some short (and shitty) comics, some of which I still keep somewhere, and also, designed some fixes for my broken toys.

As I grew I became more interested in Arts, I tried to learn to play the guitar, but without a guitar and everything else I had to wait. My family didn’t actually support any of those hobbies.

But they loved how I would always come with a new idea to fix my dad’s beaten up trucks, I discovered that my creativity could be used for more material things, like mechanics and engineering.

I kept drawing and daydreaming, and also, failing at my grades, but I didn’t care, imagination was my escape from a crappy reality, I’m not going to bore you with every detail, just know I was quite poor.

And that kept going for years. Several wasted years.

During that time I didn’t have any chance to develop my creativity. Yeah, I kept writing notebooks and notebooks, which are also full of doodles. Later I was able to learn guitar, but that’s a story for another day.

But I didn’t feel society supporting creativity, and I’m not the only one who has lived this, some more kids from my background suffered this.

The Actual Story Begins Here

Creativity is not something valuable for the working class, it’s regarded as something for Bohemian painters, the kind of people who don’t have a place to fall dead.

When you have resources, you’re allowed to become whatever you want, the world thinks it’s okay if you spend your time trying to become a painter, a writer, or even an engineer (a career also related to the imagination).

But when you’re poor you’re expected to get those stupid ideas out of your head, the world will blackmail you into giving up, and this way, lots and lots of people who could have otherwise been successful end up working in crappy jobs, all of their lives. While if they had a bit more support, they could have achieved the same as their counterparts.

I managed to still develop my creativity, I firmly believe in myself and that helped me to get out of the flock, not without sacrifice. And it’s been an extremely long path.

This text is dedicated to those who can’t, who feel overwhelmed by our society’s norms that keep hammering our heads with “It’s not worthy”, “stop daydreaming”, “you’ll starve to death”, or my favorite “you’re poor, you can’t afford it”.

The ones who could do marvelous things if we stopped trying to look good just for a second and actually did something good.

I want society to make them stand out, I want the world to notice them, to start actually helping them, fixing the education worldwide, and encouraging everyone to follow their abilities instead of clipping their wings.

Poor kids also have potential, and we’re completely missing it.

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Writing Out of the Sheet: A Short Rant About the Freedom in Writing

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Today I wanted to write something free of the boundaries that apply to most publications, because I’ve noticed that sometimes we can’t say all the stuff that we would like on them; it’s not their fault, our world has some rules to follow.

When I’m writing, I’m sometimes tempted to curse, or to defend unpopular opinions, something that I feel we should do more often.


Communication is what made us evolve from the ape, or at least, that’s what history books say. And the times when we’ve achieved to communicate without boundaries are when the genius of mankind has really showed-off.

And that’s one of the issues that drives me the most.

Why would I want to write what everyone else is writing right now?

I swear, I can’t stand that behaviour, it’s one of the most stupid in most places.

Like with novels: Every fucking time there’s a trend where it gets easier to get published; when Harry Potter began making a shitload of money, every single novel was about magical kids — don’t get me wrong, I really like Harry Potter, but I think that lots of people started to write about magic like crazy just to make some money.

When Fifty Shades of Gray made profits, every author was suddenly into BDSM. Yet sex is one of the biggest taboos, even in this hyper-sexualized society.

There’s a secret rule to only write what is trendy at the moment, while we leave everything else outside.

We hide some pieces as if they were something to be ashamed of, instead of making them available for everyone to read, to argue about them, to grow as a community. Darius Foroux wrote something really cool about speaking our minds.

We have the simple-minded belief that controlling what we say or write it’s the better way to a better world. As if that belief actually made any sense.

In other areas, this is common too. We don’t get the freedom to be who we really are, even though this society supposedly encourages us to do so.

“Be yourself, no, not that way”

Be it writing, singing, talking about politics, or wearing different socks, we love to judge each other, to drag ourselves down, which is a mistake.

We should instead encourage different ideas and debate between people, we should listen to them without judging or censoring them, but learning from others. We should reason our points and speak our minds (as long as it’s not just to harass someone).

If we keep dragging each other down into the mud, we’ll keep being hairy pigs.

In a Nutshell

We must dare to write whatever we want to write and be open to discussion, because in this polarized society of today, only a bridge built with different ideas and, why not, some F-bombs, might join us together again.

Peace out.

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The Brat Privilege

How social movements have been hijacked by the upper-class kids

Screaming kid
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Nowadays, the talk about privilege is in the spotlight globally. We tend to talk a lot about privilege.

Most of the time these talks come from upper-class college students, posting from their expensive laptops, insulting anyone who disagrees with them, talking about privilege and anticapitalism while failing to realize that they are part of that system they criticize.

They will throw tantrums as soon as they have a chance, not because they actually care, but because it’s trendy.

They will call horrible things to anyone daring to not agree with them, including literally anyone, even blue-collar workers, black people, formerly oppressed women, anyone.

They will try to destroy their lives in the name of justice, without realizing that they’re being the actual bullies.

Because let’s be honest, when you have enough money to write from a Mac, while sipping Starbucks coffee and making fun of those who weren’t able to attend college, the ones who keep your country running, the chances are that the only privileged is you.

This kind of privilege silences every fight, as it shifts our focus from things like our growing global poverty (yes it also exists in the wrongly called first world, but it’s just ignored), the soldier kids in Africa, or the female mutilation in certain countries to their first world problems, to their childish desires.

They deliberately ignore the working class’ problems, like low wages, extensive overtime, unpaid hours, the lack of access to health or a decent education, the impossibility to generate any savings. This class has become the most targeted for their mockery. And this is generating a wave of growing anger.

You can even see some of them try to rebate black guys on how is like being a black guy in the United States.

And so, they’re slowly killing actual fights by suffocating them inside their endless need for attention.



I write and translate stuff from English to Spanish, learning is one of my favourite things to do, after playing rock music.

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The Crabs in a Bucket Effect

Those around you will always try to drag you down when you’re trying to progress

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“She reached down and picked a crab out of a bucket. As it came up it turned out that three more were hanging on to it. “A crab necklace?” giggled Juliet.
“Oh, that’s crabs for you,” said Verity, disentangling the ones who had hitched a ride. “thick as planks, the lot of them. That’s why you can keep them in a bucket without a lid. Any that tries to get out gets pulled back. yes, as thick as planks.”

― Terry Pratchett, Unseen Academicals

There’s a lot of stories out there that talk about improving your life and the bravery it takes to dare to change your life. Even I have written some of those.

But there’s a topic that is not being covered enough: Your family and friends.

Yes, the people who love you might also try to drag you down. No, they’re not evil. It’s way more complex than that.

The crabs in a bucket effect or “crab mentality” is a part of the human behavior that makes us try to reduce a person’s self-confidence to ensure they don’t succeed.

Take Your Parents for Example

Just when you finished talking about how much did you love acting at school plays they would give you the concerned look, and immediately after they would tell you to forget about it, that acting wouldn’t make you rich.

They would try to shame you into giving up.

And you were just talking about something that made you happy.

But in their minds, they were saving you from becoming poor, they felt that it would be safer for you if they crushed anything you liked. Because the world will always need accountants, right?

There you have them. The first crabs in your barrel.

Their fear of something bad happening to you, for example, poverty, made them want to drag you down. The first ones to release yourself from, and for some of you, the best crabs you’ll encounter in your whole life.

Then You Have Your Friends, or Better Said, Your Acquaintances

Those are the people you hang out with, your squad, you’ll wish the best to some of them.

But beware, some of them won’t wish the best for you.

In the first years of your life it will be difficult for you to realize this, but the number of people to whom you can trust your most inner desires, your hopes and fears is very limited.

And so, many of those will try to persuade you of not being worthy, to give up, some of them may even state that they’re worried about your well-being.

But actually, they’ll be afraid of your success, their egos will get enormously hurt if you succeed and so, they must avoid it at any cost.

And in other cases, they’ll be just true friends that will be genuinely worried, you must keep those close, but not letting them drag you down at the same time.

Those are the second kind of crabs that you’ll encounter in your life.

Later in Life, You’ll Find Your Colleagues

Someday you’ll be working hard somewhere and you’ll make the mistake of letting your colleagues know that you like to draw or something.

They’ll look at you as if you were suddenly from outer space, and they’ll say something like: “Why don’t you do overtime instead?”

As if having a life, a passion out of your working hours was a crime.

And if your boss finds out, which he’ll do because someone will tell him, he’ll likely hate it.

To him, you should live and die for the company, and he won’t tolerate any other behavior.

Those were the third kind of crabs, those who will wish you the worst, but the less dangerous.

The Last Crab is You

You’re holding yourself back too, because you’re afraid to fail, which is natural because you don’t know if you could end cooked up.

But you don’t know that.

You can’t predict the future, but you can follow your guts. And if you feel that you want to change your life, so be it.

Release your fears, you could be afraid of ending in a cooking pot when there’s also a whole ocean out there.

Love your people, but don’t ever let them drag you down.

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We’re Headed to a Disaster

Our politicians’ lack of contact with reality is fuelling a growing global anger

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The difference between rich and poor is becoming more extreme, and as income inequality widens the wealth gap in major nations, education, health and social mobility are all threatened.

Helene D. Gayle

There’s a global issue that must be addressed, and it’s the fact that our political leaders are out of touch with their people’s realities, they stick to the formulas they know and forget about everything else, which is leading us in general to a difficult situation.

When I look at the United States’ news I see the same awful situation as in my homeland, I see the rise of the far-right, and I see a growing distrust in democracy.

In the last decades, there’s been a growing gap between social classes, which has worsened in the last ten years, the middle class has almost been erased after so many years of liberal politics (sometimes disguised as left-wing politics, ironically).

There’s been a growing discomfort in the lower classes fueled by their poverty and the lack of understanding of the governments, who have preferred to center themselves on things that were more appealing to them, like the global economy, or social politics, just not in a way neither of them would benefit the working class, which has fallen from middle to low class.

On the positive side, subjects as racism and some other much-needed fights have been put on the spotlight, but matters like poverty, the lack of education and homelessness have been widely ignored, invisibilizing people from several backgrounds, not only white American men have been affected by this, as I say, this should be treated as a global issue.

But what our society has sadly decided instead of facing this matter is to create a narrative where anyone complaining about this extreme capitalistic system is automatically labelled as “alt-right”, “just white men”, “uneducated”, “lazy”, “intolerant” or worse, ignoring that those who they are treating dismissively are in fact the biggest part of this world’s population, the working class.

A part of the population that is in fact of every race, of every age, of every gender, or even transgender, but with two things in common: they’re poor, and they’re not being represented at all.

One just has to take a walk at night in my hometown to see that there’s been a rise in crime, prostitution, and drug dealing, issues that arise with the rise of poverty.

Because, let’s be honest, right now it looks as if the governments of developed countries were just procrastinating on their duties towards people, they’re focused on gaining votes and looking good, not on solving any actual problem, rather, they prefer to create sides and then radicalize them.

This is Dangerous

We saw this in 2016 in the USA, and even before in 2012, the Golden Dawn in Greece.

It doesn’t really matter who wins these next elections in the USA, as long as politicians don’t change their ways, as long as they neglect the working class, the discomfort will grow to a point where we’ll risk an explosion, turning either into a civil war in any of the countries that we currently see as above those events, or even worse, another global conflict.

We Must Look at History

From the French Revolution to the ascent of the Nazi Party we can find examples of how the discomfort of the general population, when left unaddressed has led us to the most violent events in human history.

We Must Act Now

Now more than ever we need our political class to get their job done. We need them to take seriously issues related to the lower classes, we need them to be unpopular, we need them to take measures that make easier for their people to have a decent living in general.

And we must stop blaming the lower classes for their poverty, by doing that we’re only fuelling a rage that can destroy everything and turn us sixty years backwards.

Instead, we must listen to them, learn why actually they feel like they do, they’re not bad, they’re not racist, the media tells us that but it isn’t true, they’re just misrepresented, they don’t have where to choose, and if we don’t build bridges with them, if we don’t get them out of their hole, we risk heading into war.

We’re still on time to change history.

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Do Things

Life is too short to not do what you want

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All of us do fantasize about leaving everything and changing our lives forever.

Then, after a couple of hours, we turn on the PlayStation, the TV, or whatever and forget about it until maybe some days later, when we’ll turn on the PlayStation, the TV, or whatever.

That’s the perfect way to waste our own lives, always desiring something, but never willing to change for it.

In this article, I’m not going to tell you the secret to become rich, or happy.

I’ll be happy just helping you to change that something you’d like to change.

It works like this:

If you want to have some muscles, or simply stay fit, you must exercise and start eating well. Stuffing your mouth with chocolate while imagining the output of a healthy lifestyle will only make you feel miserable.

The same is for everything else. Nobody is born with any ability, some have the potential, but without training, it will stay at nothing.

Some years ago I decided to learn to play the guitar because I REALLY wanted to play the guitar. I had been fantasizing about it since I was a kid. So one day I decided to make a band with some friends and start playing.

Of course, we sucked big time, and I was probably the worst of us.

Motivation helped me through the first months, but what really helped me when motivation failed was my commitment to play the guitar.

You see, this is something like romantic relationships: During the first months everything is wonderful and easy, you’re full of emotions and you don’t notice all the things that are actually wrong or would need improvement.

And then that chemical cocktail fails (it must, if it didn’t we would literally die), and you start noticing things that aren’t that okay. Like farts under the sheets.

In my case was my complete inability to keep my tempo straight.

And then I had to decide.

Was it worth all of that time that I could be spending on playing video games, watching series or doing anything that would mean an instant reward to me?

I decided it was, in the long run, I would learn an ability that would last a lifetime.

That’s what you must think if you want to achieve something.

Instant rewards might feel okay while they last, but will leave you with an emptiness feeling, the notion of having wasted your most valuable asset, your lifetime.

But long term projects are a motivation to keep going, to keep improving every day, and will leave you with more rewarding feelings. You will feel realized.

1. Get Motivated

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Find what really makes you happy, you already know what it is, Probably it’s that “childish dream” you’ve had all of your life in your head, that thing that your whole family told you to forget about because it won’t make you any money.

Except being a dinosaur, unless you can actually develop some experimental procedure to become one, then please, go for it. Not for the money, but for the joy of doing it.

2. Don’t Give a S*** About What Others Think

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I know, change is scary, there’re many things that could fail, many things that could go wrong.

Also, we don’t want to fail, because we believe that we’ll look bad into other’s eyes, we don’t want our tiny egos to get hurt.

And that makes us want to delay it, so we start making excuses like “it’s not the right time”, “I’m too busy right now”.

Do you know what?

Screw them. No one actually cares about what you do, they’re quite busy with their lives. And if they don’t it’s more their problem than yours.

Think about it

Nobody has any reason to judge you (unless you hurt somebody or something), and if they do, why do you care?

There’s a not well-known fact, and it is that judgemental people project their own defects onto others. It’s part of what’s called Psychological Projection.

People will be judgemental or not, but it’s not onto you to decide for them, also, who wants to fit in a group of grey people?

Only grey people and those are the ones who will never do anything, nor will let others do it.

3. Keep Moving

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Have you ever pushed a heavy weight? Your car maybe?

It’s more difficult at the beginning, as you have to overcome the friction against the ground and the gravity force, but when you finally set some movement inertia makes it easier.

That’s the same thing you need if you want to achieve something.

Trust me, getting up from the couch will be the most difficult thing that you’ll have to do, after that, your muscles will be warm and your mind sharp, so any kind of chore you want to do will be easier.

And day after day you will improve, developing a new ability, growing some muscles, starting a new venture, or just gaining confidence to talk to girls is something that will improve with practice.

And if any time you feel like giving up remember:

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Life is too short to not do what you want.


No, people do not have to know about science

I’m going to piss off a lot of people.
But here’s something I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

In the middle of this pandemic, there’s been an uprising of science deniers worldwide, and here and there I find people wondering how’s possible that there’s a so high number of them.
After all, people should know about science, right?


People don’t have to know anything about science.
We live in a specialized society, there’s a lot of things to know in a lot of fields, and there’s no human way to be cultivated in every field, and that includes science.

That’s why we have experts. You know, the WHO, CDC, the EU, local governments…
Those are the people who are supposed to know about science. After all, we’re paying them to do that.

So, why are people against science?

Well, actually no one is against science. They’re against specialists and authorities.
And this isn’t something that happened overnight, this is the result of years of lies and hidden interests, we’ve instrumentalized science and now it’s coming back at us.

In 1996, Alan Sokal sent an article full of nonsense to an academic journal. The idea was to test the intellectual rigour of that time’s journals.
Unsurprisingly, it got published. And later that year was confirmed as a hoax by the author himself.

There’s a huge number of examples like that in our recent history.
Those behaviours are the ones responsible for the growing feeling of distrust of the general population.
And you might argue “Hey, but everyone knows how a vaccine works.”
But honestly, if we base our argumentations y generalizations and subjectivity, then we all should know how to change a tire, right? After all, it’s one of the basics of car maintenance.

But does everyone need to know how to change a tire?

No, that’s why you hire a specialist, someone who knows more than you. And if you catch that specialist lying to you change the garage. Or in the worst case, you take your car to some cheap guy you found on the internet, not knowing that he doesn’t know anything about the issue.

That’s what is happening, it’s not that people are stupid, it’s our system the one who has failed, globally.

I want to believe that we’re still in time to reverse this situation, to help people to believe in our scientists again.

The other choice could lead us to the death of every progress we have made in the last century.

4 Things that we have learned from this lockdown

The Covid-19 has hit humanity hard like a tsunami.

But although it may seem a misfortune or a setback, it is also a valuable life lesson that we can take advantage of now when the waters calm down.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.


These are four valuable lessons we have learned:

  1. That we can live slower.
Cities were deserted
Almost every city on Earth looked like this

Each of us has faced lockdown differently, but there has been one common element: The world has moved slower than it used to, we have found that in fact, our quality of life has increased during the lockdown, giving us time to develop skills, practice hobbies or simply spend more time with family. In short: We discovered that we can live without being immersed in a constant frenzy.

  1. The importance of exercise and healthy living.
Girl preparing for exercising
We started some new habits

Some of us discovered the value of activities such as running, biking, or simply going for a walk. We even started exercising at home and made it a habit, which benefited us physically and psychologically.

Another trend that could be noticed was learning to cook; which in the long run will be beneficial to the environment since according to Greenpeace, 10.5% of the waste generated in each garbage bag are plastic containers.

So by reducing the number of ultra-processed foods that we consume, we would not only be taking care of our health but of the environment as well.

At the end of the confinement, the differences between those of us who opted for a healthy life and those who spent it in a sedentary way could be noticed.

We also discovered that taking the car or the motorcycle is only useful when we have to cover long distances or carry weight and that by avoiding its use we save an important amount of fuel each month.

  1. That we have an excessive impact on our environment.
A fox roaming Prypiat, the best example of a world without us.
Pripyat is the best example of nature regaining its place

During the lockdown, we saw videos on YouTube of animals camping in the middle of cities, roe deer, deer, wild boar and even cougars.

We should not be surprised as in recent decades we have confined animals to small corners. By 2018, it was found that wild animals had reduced their movements by 30-50%, which precisely led to a higher risk of contracting new diseases.

  1. We discovered that we can still save the planet.

In just two months of global lockdown, the planet was able to begin healing the wounds we have inflicted on it over the past few decades.

In Venice, the waters became as clear as glass, and many cities were rid of the chemical fog that covered them.

In Madrid, municipal authorities reported that greenhouse gases had been reduced by 57% between March and April, and a study by the Polytechnic University of Valencia found that Spanish skies were on average 64% cleaner.

If we achieve this in two months, what could we achieve by reducing our activity for a whole year?

Idea: Do whatever you want.

John Lennon once said, «Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.»

But he also thought Yoko was a great artist.

We shouldn’t listen to him at all unless we’re talking about music.

But we’re talking about life.

We must make plans, because having a goal is what makes life worth living, it’s what keeps us happy.

The trick is to choose the correct goal at each time, and not to think excessively about «who you are», that’s stupid.

We are who we are, not the things we have done, or the things we own.

Our society keeps tricking us into thinking that we are what we chose (or had) to be a long time ago.

We were told to have a default plan as everyone had.

We were told to forget about our stupid ideas, that we should find a stable job in an already established industry, then marry, then have kids, and later die.

I’m not saying that’s not okay, it’s okay if you want to live that life.

It’s as valid as any other choice.

But let’s be realistic.

That was life about twenty or thirty years ago.

When the world was a changing carousel and not this high-speed wheel of death we’re riding at the moment.

Jobs appear and disappear in a blink, industries change constantly, and there’s no stability.

So the bad news for any of you who would like to live that default plan is that is probably not EVER happening again.

The good news is that we can make new plans.

If our world is already full of risks, then, why should we feel fear at all?

After all, is a situation we’re used to living by now.

So, let’s make new plans because there’s no other choice.

Okay, some of us will have it rough, but it’s better to fail at doing something than just watching everything collapse.

Be brave, start that something new, work hard, learn and be smart.

At least you’ll grow as a person.