6 things that you can do to keep your car healthy

Taking good care of your car might look difficult if you’re not a car mechanic.

But it’s not.

Machines are a bit like the human body, they need to exercise, and also, it’s a good idea to get them checked every once in a while.

Here are some basic steps to keep your car running smoothly.

1- Start the engine at least once a month.

Not using the car in a long time can be a battery killer, because the battery will slowly discharge until a point where the car won’t start.

And that might happen when you need to use it the most.

Also, this is good for joints, to keep them from getting dry, so you will avoid those nasty oil leaks. And, in the long term, will prevent the engine from rusting.

It’s also vital for the cooling system because it prevents it from getting obstructed.

2- Start the A/C system every few days.

A/C systems need oil to stay lubricated, if the A/C compressor stays dry for long periods, it will be eventually damaged.

Also, it’s a great way to remove the fog of your windscreen in winters, because it will make outside and inside temperatures match.

3- Use the electric windows.

Electric windows can break for two reasons: Overusing them, or not using them enough.

By using them from time to time you will prevent the motor from rusting.

4- Use the windscreen washers.

Some windscreen washer detergents can create a “dust” over time.

You can prevent this by using the screen washers, that way, the liquid will flow and the jets won’t get obstructed.

5- Go for a drive.

Going for a drive is a fun way to prevent damage to your car.

You can plan a short trip anywhere, and spend the day with your family or friends.

Or simply enjoy visiting other places.

By doing this you will use every part of the car

This will prevent the gearbox from rusting.

Rusting happens because part of the components are not covered in oil when the car is not moving.

It will also prevent the tires from deforming, something that happens when the car is parked for long periods in the same spot.

6- Perform periodic checks as stipulated by the carmaker.

Even if you do not use your car a lot, periodic checks and oil changes should be done, on average, every year.

Those include:

-Oil change.

-Oil filter change.

-Change petrol filter.

-Air filter check/change.

-Check transmission oil.

-Pollen filter change.

-Check coolant level.

-Check braking fluid.

-Check brake pads.

-Check tyres.

That should be enough to keep your car in running order.

The changing society in times of crisis

Sometimes life leads you through a different path than the one you originally planned for you.

It’s like starting a whole new self, another way to see things that for you once were impossible to change. And suddenly, they do.

But in fact nothing has changed, only you, and your views.

This decade’s economic crisis has shown us that what our fathers thought about life has no use anymore.

First we got 2008’s economic crisis, and, just when things were going better again, came Covid-19. This has affected our generation.

We won’t have the same 9 to 5 jobs they did, we won’t have that “financial stability”. And it’s okay. It is known that these times are difficult times.

But difficult times create strong individuals, and those individuals are the ones who will end shaping the new world.

And while it might look scary, this is our chance to adapt, to do whatever we want, fearless, untied to any past preconceptions of what life is. Because that past is dead, and dead things don’t come back —with the exception, of 80s aesthetics.

Now it’s our chance to live a fulfilling life, doing what we feel like doing, travelling, learning forever, daring to be ourselves, and finding happiness in simple things as having a beer with friends.

To be whatever the fuck we want to be.